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Strava Personal Heatmap Helps You Explore!

Strava Personal Heatmap lets you track your riding habits

The Strava personal heatmap is one of the coolest features of the very popular Strava app. Not only can Strava track every facet of data from a ride or run, but it can also generate a heatmap based on your riding habits, highlighting your favorite cycling routes. These personal heatmaps contribute to a larger global heatmap, letting others know the best cycling routes around the world.


If your a premium member of Strava, I strongly recommend you use the heatmaps feature.

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The Strava personal heatmap generates a map based on your cycling or running habits. After riding, you generate a map that shows all the places you’ve ever tracked with a GPS on your bike. These GPS tracked rides eventually show up as a “heat” map. The more red the trail or road is on the map, the more times you’ve been there. If the trail or road is blue, that means its a place you’ve less frequented.

Keep Things Interesting

A benefit of the Strava personal heatmap is seeing where you’ve been and what kind of terrain you favor. The more red the road or trail is on your heatmap, the more likely it is you’ve frequented it because its a great riding area. If the road or trail is blue, then there is probably a reason why you haven’t been there too often.

An unfrequented route might also be a hard climb you’ve been avoiding, so try to turn some blue routes red!

Being able to label a map with your preferred riding locations on your heatmap can benefit other users of Strava as well. As a premium user of Strava, you can view the global heatmap. This global heatmap is the cumulative heatmap of all the cyclists posting to Strava, including you. This allows you to go to anywhere in the world, and cherry pick the best riding routes by riding areas that are red on the global heatmap.

Strava Exploration

The Strava personal heatmap lets you contribute to the global Strava heatmap, but it is also encourages exploration. There are usually several ways to get to the same destination, and finding alternative routes is a great way to have fun. By viewing your heatmap, you can see where you usually go, and plan a new route. Instead of rolling over the same terrain, you can take filling in your heatmap with all the roads of your town or city.

Strava Personal Heatmap Idea Bike
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So get out there and explore new roads and trails. Find new routes on the Strava global heatmap and generate your own routes to help other riders. The Strava personal heatmap is an awesome new feature of Strava, and is yet another way to make cycling a more satisfying and fun sport.

Go for a 100% completion heatmap of your town or city!

Strava Personal Heatmap Helps You Explore!
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Strava Personal Heatmap Helps You Explore!
If your a premium member of Strava, I strongly recommend you use the heat maps feature. Read all about it here.

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