Colorado Mountain Biking: Top 5 Destinations!

Mountain Biking Mecca

Colorado mountain biking is the perfect choice for your next cycling vacation. Known for epic single track and endless sunshine, Colorado has everything to satisfy mountain bikers of all skill levels. From remote mountain towns to urban cities on the front range, Colorado has a lot to offer the adventurous mountain biker.

Colorado mountain biking scene
Colorado mountain biker

With countless miles of gorgeously maintained trails and amazing views, it would take many years to explore all Colorado has to offer. I’ve narrowed it down to 5 destinations that represent Colorado mountain biking at its finest.

#1: Fort Collins

Panorama of Fort Collins Colorado
Fort Collins

At number one on the list is Fort Collins. Lying at the foot of the Rocky Mountains, it is home to some of the finest mountain biking in the state. It harbors all the grandiosity of Colorado mountain biking, yet still keeps a small town atmosphere.

Lots of fast paced single track, tons of technical ascents and dramatic views. This is what makes mountain biking in Fort Collins a top choice. After a day’s full of adventure, you can also enjoy the world class breweries and restaurants in the city of Fort Collins. So make sure to explore the urban areas of town as well, but on your bike!

Aside from its natural beauty, Fort Collins is known for having one of the best cycling infrastructures in the US. Miles of trails cut through natural areas and peaceful urban neighborhoods. Whatever terrain you want to conquer on your bike, Fort Collins has you covered.

#2: Boulder

Panorama of Flatiron mountains in Boulder Colorado
Boulder, CO

Number two on the list for the best Colorado mountain biking destinations is Boulder. While Boulder usually ranks at number one for a lot of lists about how great Colorado cycling is, its popularity comes with the drawback of having to share the trail with many other users. That being said, Boulder has arguably the strongest cycling culture in the state.

With endless miles of trails home to all kinds of terrain, from rolling single track to rocky downhill descents, the Boulder area is a mountain bikers paradise. For something different, check out the Boulder Valley Velodrome.

#3: Fruita

Panorama of Fruita Colorado
Fruita, CO

Fruita, Colorado makes the list at number three due to its high quality network of mountain biking trails and single track. The area’s small town feel and variety of ecosystems, from green farmers fields to expansive deserts, makes Fruita a perfect destination. There is terrain for all levels of mountain bikers, although some trails are very exposed and technical.

Fruita is a perfect destination for those wanting remote and peaceful surroundings, with endless cycling options. Also, due to the area’s minimal light pollution, Fruita enjoys some of best star gazing in the world.

#4: Durango

Road heading into Durango Colorado
Durango, CO

At number four, Durango is a unique mountain biking destination due to its terrain and local historical culture. Ride among streets with Victorian era mansions and cool antique shops. Visit the plethora of saloons and restaurants for refreshments and post-ride epic meals. You can even access world class mountain biking trails from the downtown area.

Once on the trail, experience luscious forests and challenging climbs and descents. See the environment change from alpine to rocky desert canyons. If you want to get extreme, drive 30 minutes north of town and take on Durango’s only lift-served downhill mountain bike course at Purgatory Resort. And while your in town, stop by Zia’s Taqueria for some high quality Mexican food.

#5: Crested Butte

Colorado mountain biking trail in Crested Butte Colorado
Crested Butte, CO

Crested Butte is the epitome of alpine mountain biking, with countless mountain lakes and valleys to marvel at. Since the town is sitting at 8,909 feet, you’ll have to work extra hard to conquer its over 700 miles of single track.

The town of Crested Butte might be small,  but it’s home to a world class ski resort and top quality trails. Ride down hair raising descents and up steep, technical ascents. Gaze at expansive vistas while soaring through fields of wildflowers.

While there is beginner level mountain biking terrain in Crested Butte, make sure to take some time and enjoy all of what this area has to offer, but stay within your riding limits. In conclusion, if you want to experience the high altitude mountain biking Colorado is known for, look no further than Crested Butte.

Colorado Mountain Biking: Know Before You Go!

You might be ready to embark on your Colorado mountain biking adventure, however there are precautions you should take before heading out. Firstly, don’t underestimate Colorado’s massive amount of sunshine. Many a pair of sunglasses will cower in the face of the intense high altitude ultraviolet light. Wear high quality UV-blocking sunglasses, as well as high SPF sunscreen.

A good sunscreen without any nasty ingredients is the Alba Botanica Sunscreen. It’s not oily, and it prevents your skin from looking like a dried out lake bed.


After you grab some shades and sunscreen, there are some unspoken rules that you should follow when out on the trail. Remember that your not the only one going out to ride, so be courteous and don’t litter.You never know when you’ll need some assistance. Being courteous to fellow trail users will encourage them to help you out if the need should arise.

Drink more water!

Another tip is to stay hydrated! You might get caught up in the moment of tearing through the trail on your mountain bike and forget to hydrate. Dehydration can end your ride. Stick with water and natural sources of electrolytes and sugars, like coconut water and fruit juice. Stay away from sports drinks as many have no real hydrating qualities

That’s it! Enjoy your Colorado mountain biking adventure and stay safe! Make sure to Subscribe for weekly content!

Colorado Mountain Biking: Visit the Top 5 Destinations!
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Colorado Mountain Biking: Visit the Top 5 Destinations!
Colorado mountain biking is the best summer vacation activity! Follow my top 5 list for the best mountain biking destinations of Colorado!

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